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Possessed by an alien entity, slash and tear countless enemies with your monstrous claws, you must find a way to escape the planet before you lose what's left of your humanity! Exodemon is a game inspired by the 90s FPS golden age.

In Exodemon you play as a scientist in the edge of the universe who was infected by an alien entity. The symbiotic force is trying to take control, but you may find a way to control the beast on the confederation laboratories. Resist the infection and blaze through various locations to reach the last escape pod before you lose what’s left of your humanity.


  • Fast Paced First Person Shooter
    Tired of slug-like FPS protagonists? You are in the right place! Fast movement and sharp controls, no cover, no regenerating health and no reload time.
  • Old School Feel
    Do you remember when games used to respect your intelligence? No hand holding in this game. If someone tries to hold your hand here, oh boy! Just tear them with your claws!
  • Low Poly/Low Res Retro Graphics
    All the charm of the classic FPS is here, you can count the polygons yourself! All this combined with dynamic particles and high quality lighting.
  • Awesome Hands From Hell
    This one is self explanatory, right? If you are infected by an alien entity, at least take advantage of its destructive power!
  • Lots of exploration and secrets
    Here you will find carefully crafted levels with lots of paths and secrets to find. Each enemy of the game is manually placed, nothing of that procedurally generated schmuck.

Exodemon 1st Boss by Kuupu on Sketchfab

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/exodemongame
Twitter https://twitter.com/kuupudev


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Exodemon v1.1.zip 195 MB

Download demo

Exodemon_Demo_Win.zip (Old Demo) 94 MB
Exodemon_Demo_Linux.zip (Old Demo) 118 MB
Exodemon_Demo_Mac.zip (Old Demo) 98 MB

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So was this game ever updated past 1.1 like you were saying?

Hello, I'm having some tech issues keeping me from playing the completed version of this, and have had no luck finding any fixes.

Upon starting Exodemon, the game simply displays a solid pink/purple screen and nothing else. Sound effects seem to work fine, and certain keyboard inputs make menu-like sounds, so I'm guessing that the actual game is still rendering just fine behind that pink screen.

What's worse is, somehow installing the full game even broke the demo! The demo's menu displays just fine but as soon as gameplay starts, the player's arms are the only thing visible, and the environment is obscured by an orange screen instead of pink.

Is there any sort of remedy for this? I've bought it twice now (both here and on Steam), I'd really like to be able to play it.

I'm really sorry you are having these issues! D:

About the demo, try deleting your save folder at:
Delete the entire Exodemon folder, this should fix it.

About the pink screen, what graphics card are playing on?

I honestly don't have a GPU in my current box thanks to some IRL shenanigans; even the demo, when it was playable, demanded an embarassingly low resolution; the fact that the art direction and gameplay were still clear is a testament to its strong design!

I do have a hypothesis as to what's happening, though: the game makes frequent use of fullscreen flashes of color, such as when teleporting, picking up ammo and health, etc. I know for certain that the demo starts gameplay with orange flashes; do the commercial version's boot screens start with a pinkish-purple flash? If so, then I think that's the problem there: the effects are not fading as they're supposed to. Is there any way I can try disabling those fullscreen effects from my end?

You are correct about the orange effect, but the pink screen usually represents an shader error or other type of rendering problem on unity, for some reason you are not able to render the game properly on your machine after the engine was updated between the demo and the final game.

Ah, that's life sometimes. I guess I'll still have the installer when I eventually upgrade my rig. Thanks!

Just wait a little bit, a new update is coming in the next month or so, maybe you'll be able to play then! :)

It's finally released! Loved the demo years ago and once I have money I'm buying it right away.

Why does it still say "in development" if it's been released?

Long story short, I lost the project, released the game with the last stage in "beta" because it was the only stable version available, after a while I managed to recover the project and I'm still working on the new version.
Sorry for the confusion!

Holy shit I remember playing the demo years ago and being blown away by it. Now it released???? I don't have the money right now but once I do I am buying it straight away. I remember playing this on my crappy computer that would crash if you sneezed. This is gonna be so goddamn sick.

This game is AMAZING.

i need controller support

Aside from the menus the XBox 360 controller works properly.
What controller are you using? 

Pretty neat game. I'll use it in the backround of commentary videos.

Did you managed to use it? :D

Gave it a go...

Thank you for the video! :D


Thanks ;)

We played the DEMO and can't wait for the full release!

This game is amazing. Loved the fast pace,the art style,everything.

We made a playthrough video on our channel:

Keep up the good work!

Thank you for the video vampirschi! :D

really loved this game, it felt like the first gun was a bit weak tho, either weak or it needs more ammo.

Thank you for the video and the feedback :)

(1 edit)

By the look of the thumbnail I wasn't expecting much but on playing exodemon I was impressed. Great graphics, the music was good. I enjoyed playing the first level and will upload a couple of more videos later.

Well done devs, look forward to the next few levels



Thank you for the video! I'm really glad you liked it :)

This is my second video on this game cause I ADORE IT. It's amazing and should become a bigger game. I also left some feedback :) 


Thank you Spoonie! Gonna check the feedbacks as soon as possible! :D

One of the best games I have found on this platform! Some places are a bit dark though

Se sair na GOG, faço pre-order!


Vou tentar lançar lá sim! :D Muito obrigado! :D

I loved the game but on one of the levels there was a new weapon which to get to the only way I could see was to jump from the stairway to get it but I tried for hours and couldn't get it! Do you revisit that place or is there another way to get

can you send me a screenshot of the place, plese? :D

Yes I can do this but It might take a while I restarted the game because I compleated the version

No problem! ;)

I loved the game but on one of the levels there was a new weapon which to get to the only way I could see was to jump from the stairway to get it but I tried for hours and couldn't get it! Do you revisit that place or is there another way to get

This game is Great with a capital G! it has a lot of potential.


Thank you onnoman!

Awesome game!

Boa sorte com esse jogo Kuupu :)


muito obrigado SobakaHund210! :D

Hi Petreon im just asking that can i play this on gamepad's ?

Yes, I tested on a Xbox 360 controller but you probably can play on any kind of controller :)

I fucking love this. #1 most anticipated steam release for me.

Thank you typotromic!
I hope you really enjoy the game once it's released! :D

10/10 this was a fun and amazing game to play

Thank you for the video! :D

You found a bug at the end, you were not supposed to be there, I already fixed it on the current version!

what can I say, I'm an explorer


I think this bug is in the game for quite some time now, I just noticed some weeks ago

I'm glad that such game exist.
Are you from Brazli?

Thank you! :)
Yes, we are from Brazil

Very polished, I love it. One problem, occasionally my cursor will be restricted in a way where I can't compelte one full turn. So, no 360 rotation. That's actually how the first area was for me, and then it fixed itself, and then I opened the menu and it went into restrict mode again. Other than, sik game <3

Did you alt+tab the game?

I'm going to make some more tests with the cursor!
Thank you for your feedback!

Yeah, it was something like that. But changing something in the menu also triggered it, maybe it was changing the FOV? Happy bugfixing, I know how you feel :D

Thank you! :D

Love it. You (all) did a damn good job on this. It's fun, fluid, the sound effects are satisfying as hell and the level design is pretty good so far.

Thank you arkides! :D

Good to know, well, considering we will still work a lot on the sound effects and, in my opinion, some of the later levels are much better.

I'm really happy you enjoyed the game!

Great game. Two questions:

1) if I buy this game on steam, (when it is released) , will the steam version still boot up without the steam client? (drm free)

2) If no to question 1, will you be selling a DRM free version of the full game here, or on gog?

Thank you, and I appreciate all of your hard work and creativity on this game.

(1 edit) (-1)

1) no

2) yes, here o Itch.io and I'm talking with a guy from GOG to release it there too.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! :D

Thanks. That's great news.

Hey, Wild9Nine. Saw that you added Paddles of Nuclear Gunnery to your Megadrive Collection. Just wanted to let you know I posted some updates, please check it out and let me know what you think! 


Hey, Wild9nine! Thanks for the Paddles purchase! I'm still working hard on this game each day that I can! Expect updates!

Really had a lot of fun playing the game. 10/10

Can't wait to play full version on steam.

Thank you! :D

am i playing a different version ?????

you can check the version you are playing at the main menu, below the title of the game
which one is yours?

version 0.3.92

and it says work in progress

(2 edits)

So you have the latest public release of Exodemon, I'm still working on the next version

Why did you thought you had an older version?

i had seen game play of another version

also i dont have acces to any other waepons

nvm i got it


I've been playing for about 15 minutes and there are two words screaming in my head. Excellent. & Multiplayer.

adding this to my list of games for LAN parties would be *really* sweet. Keep up the great work!

Thank you :)
If Exodemon sell well on steam, maybe we can add multiplayer :D

Amazing. I got stuck at the room with an insane amount of enemies though. I killed them all and couldn't figure out where to go.... both of the doors were red. Anyway, incredible game! I loved it, cant wait for more!

Thank you :)

Can you describe in details the room you were stuck?

Great game and looking forward to playing more of it when I get time. This is definitely a noob question, but I wanted to try Exodemon before donating; how do I make a donation now that I've downloaded it?

There is no donation option for Exodemon, thanks for asking! :D

In the future there will be a commercial release on steam, itch.io, gog and gamejolt.

Nice. Keen to contribute. Good job. =)

Actually, can I ask how you got the clear but pixelated effect on your textures? It's a great look.

using a small amount of colors and not using any kind of filtering on the texture :)

Nice. Thanks for that. =)

You're welcome :)

This game was SUPER fun. Just finished playing through.
Thanks for making it, very much looking forward to more!

Thank you! I'm really happy you liked it :)

Deleted post

Controller support will come soon, sorry about it :(

nice style

Thank you! :D

really like the style of this game, keep up the good work!

Thank you! :D

cool game

Thanks pebbles! :D

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best game ever :) keep the good job BTW : i found a glitch that make you impervious i hope you find it a fix it

thank you for making this wonderful game

i link a video to it :)



Youtube says the video is private D:

sorry about that i fixed it https://youtu.be/RK4pK8bZHuE

hehehehe what a heck?

Alright, can you provide some more information?

1 - Any strange thing before the bug?

2 - After the video, did you finished the level? on the next level it was fixed?

Thank you ThunyanG4mer! :D

well what happen that first i get killed by mini alins then i spawn again in level where you get the nuke or bomb i hit my self with it after that my health stuck i can't regen or any thing it was glitchy sence that point even in next level it didn't fix i hopp it help but i don't think that what make it glitch good luke finding the resone

sorry about my bad english :)

No problem about you english :)

Man... this is really strange hehehe
Gonna try to find the reason, thank you very much for the detailed description :DDD

Not bad. Though probably too easy; the hardest enemies were the hopping guys.

How do you get that extra weapon in the final level? I couldn't find a way to get to it.

I'm still tweaking the difficulty, which version did you played?

The last level... hmmmm... I think you should look for a hole... then someway to jump right into the hole... :)

Thanks for playing! :D

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