Release and Steam key

Hey folks!

Exodemon is launching tomorrow! (August, 3rd) :D
As the beta is coming to an end all the beta steam keys of the game were revoked, if you want a new one just contact me at and I'll happily send you a new one.

The game will be updated here on tomorrow as well, so if you bought the game at any moment in time you'll be able to update it to the final version.
Be aware that if you got the old version for free you'll not be able to download the newer version.

There will be no Linux or Mac version of the final game in the meantime and I can't provide an estimated release date for Linux and Mac versions.
For this reason please ask for a refund if you feel uncomfortable with your purshase.
I'm deeply sorry and I'll explain this situation on a future announcement.

Thanks to everyone who helped in this long way, I couldn't reach this far without you all! Wish me luck tomorrow!

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