Version 1.1 is live!

Hi everyone, hope you are having an awesome weekend slashing aliens!

Exodemon is our first commercial title and it has been under development since 2016 by Roni Silva and Kaol Porfirio. Further into the development, Caio Lima helped us with development tools, speeding up development a lot. Hexenkraft provided the soundtrack you listen to in game, and Pedro Falcao wrote the content you can find in the loading screens.

Please note Exodemon was developed by a very small team with a very small community to test it and, for this reason, you may find bugs and weird stuff in your playthrough. We are fully committed to fix any issue you may find, so please contact us if you have any questions or feedback at

Our next steps will be addressing issues the game has at the moment, including some due to our team losing the project files a year before release. We had to rely on an already built version, hacking our way through development, making it very difficult to add or remove content and fix bugs in the game.

There are no known big issues with Exodemon at the moment, so you can dive in without fear of being stuck in a level or losing your save.

Here's what we're also working on:

- Controller Support
The launcher (before actually booting the game), menus and score screens have poor to no controller support. This issue will be fixed in the near future.

- Linux and Mac Support
After losing the original project files, the only updated version we had to work with was the Windows version. For this reason, the game is not available on Linux or Mac right now, but we'll do our best to find a way to port the game to these systems.

- Loading Screen Graphics Glitch
In the current version, you may face some glitches while in the loading screen in full-screen mode. We are currently working to fix this issue.

- Music Variety
We intended to have a unique soundtrack for each chapter in the game, but due to losing the project it was really hard to insert new tracks in the current build. For now we have only two tracks in the game, both composed and recorded by Hexenkraft.

We hope you have a fun time playing Exodemon.
Thank you for your purchase!


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Aug 03, 2019

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