Losing the projects, moving and being scammed! :)

Hey folks, I have very sad news to report today.

I lost a lot of Exodemon's code due to a bug in my repository, the project is completely broken. 
For the Unity users: ALL the prefab references are broken and ALL the components are missing in the existing scene game objects of every scene. 

We tried several methods to recover the project but in the end nothing worked (I need to take more care of backups in the future for sure).
Reverting to a later state in the repository don't fix the issue, cloning the projects don't fix the issue, using another computer don't fix the issue. :(

This all happaned while I'm moving from one apartment to another and while the later apartment owner is trying to scamm me with a giant fine (I love you life hehehe).

Right now I'm focusing on my daily job and thinking what to do with Exodemon.

Anyway, I'm slowly remaking everything on Exodemon, transfering the assets and code to a blank project.

Hope to have new for you all soon!
Thank you for the support for all these years! :D

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Unity sucks! But you rock \m/


Thank you! <3