Exodemon Demo update and more! :D

Hey folks! Long time no see, huh?

First of all I own you some explanation about my absense.

I’ve been working full time on the sequel to Relic Hunters Zero, called Relic Hunters Legend (https://www.facebook.com/RelicHuntersUniverse/posts/1404470709622412), I’m programming some of the gameplay features such as the skill system. The bad thing is I’m having much less time to work on Exodemon the good thing is now I’m able to buy food regularly (hehehehe) and I’m learning a LOT of cool technical stuff and I already used some of this things in the current version of the demo.

Talking about demo, I uploaded a new version right now, this is a very compact and much more polished demo, this demo will be the only version avaiable for some time for now on, the reason is I will be working in some of the core systems of the game for a while.
Here is a little video I make showing some of the stuff in the demo

Thank you for your patience and I would really apreciate every and each feedback you may provide about the new demo! :D


Exodemon_Demo_Win.zip (Old Demo) 94 MB
Sep 03, 2017
Exodemon_Demo_Linux.zip (Old Demo) 118 MB
Sep 03, 2017
Exodemon_Demo_Mac.zip (Old Demo) 98 MB
Sep 03, 2017

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